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NRL Tips: Round 2, 2014

As I was out of the country last week for almost all of the first round of the NRL season, I decided not to put in any tips for the round as I hadn’t really spent any time examining the teams prior to the start of the round. Consequently my tips will start this week instead and will act as if round 1 didn’t exist.

Just like last year, points for my tips will be based on the winning margin of the match, so if I tip the winner then I will receive the amount of points by which they won, and conversely if I tip the losing team then I will lose the amount of points by which they lost. A mild change from last year is in effect in that I can no longer tip a draw, and a draw will count for no points whatsoever.

Sea Eagles V Rabbitohs
Broncos V Cowboys
Warriors V Dragons
Storm V Panthers
Roosters V Eels
Titans V Tigers
Knights V Raiders
Bulldogs V Sharks