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Election 2013 8:30pm

The coalition is on track for a big victory, and are likely to hold somewhere in the order of 90 or more seats. Adam Bandt has held his seat of Melbourne for the Greens, while high-profile candidate Clive Palmer looks very unlikely to win a seat of his own, although it’s possible that one of his 149 other candidates might claim a seat…maybe. Bob Katter is a long way behind on first preferences in Kennedy with the Liberal National Party’s Noeline Ikin ahead by about 5,000 votes, but preferences look set to hand Bob Katter a narrow victory.

Locally, it looks like Labor will retain both ACT seats. The Liberal Party will retain Hume quite easily. In Eden-Monaro, Peter Hendy is slightly ahead on first preferences but probably slightly behind after preferences are counted.

In Warringah, Liberal Party leader (and Prime Minister-elect, if I dare call it at this time) Tony Abbott has comfortably won his seat, and increased his margin on Labor candidate (and former school friend of mine) Jules Zanetti.

It appears to be a very big victory for the Liberal Party tonight in the House Of Representatives. The big question now is how the Senate will pan out, but it is such a convoluted system that we may not have any solid numbers for days. That said, if anything interesting happens during the night, I will let you know.