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Tips for the 2012 Melbourne Cup

After picking the winner in 2010 and returning to my normal form of not selecting a horse in the top three last year, this year I’m at it again. My tips this year are:
2. Americain
10. Ethiopia
14. Green Moon

I don’t have to work during the race this year and thus will be able to bring you my usual coverage of the results and the complete finishing order.

If you have a tip in the race, I wish you all the best of luck.

The race will be broadcast nationally on television on the Seven Network, and many local radio stations will also be covering the race, however if you can’t be near a TV or a radio, there are a couple webstreams which might be of use. RSN (previously Sport 927) in Melbourne’s webstream can be found here [1], and Sky Racing Radio (formerly 2KY) can be found here [2]. ACTTAB Radio in Canberra relays RSN, their webstream is here [3]. Alternatively a search in your preferred mobile app such as TuneIn Radio for any of those stations should get you to the correct webstream.