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Some general political thoughts

An email to 2GB’s Mike Williams

Good morning Mike,

You certainly do attract some odd people on the phone. “Be polite to the ALP in Canberra” indeed…what rot, that caller didn’t want you to be polite to Labor, he wanted you to blindly agree with them and their odd ideas.

I really enjoyed his claim that he has a right to listen to 2GB, but 2GB’s presenters don’t have a right to hold an opinion with which he disagrees.

Keep up the good work Mike, and I’m glad you’re playing some of Ray’s songs.

As for the boat people, I believe that Labor implemented part of the Howard Government’s Pacific Solution knowing that without the rest of it, such as TPVs etc, it simply wouldn’t work, and I expect them to eventually use it as an attack against Tony Abbott, working on the basis that many people who don’t follow politics closely will believe the Labor line.

And how ridiculous is it that the European Union received a Nobel Peace Prize. It’s about as dumb as giving Obama one a few days after he took office…and look what he’s done for world peace. If anything, he’s made it worse. The EU is certainly not helping world peace with its amazing debts.

Have a wonderful week.

Samuel Gordon-Stewart

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#1 Comment By nbrettoner On October 14, 2012 @ 8:49 am

Hi Samuel,

Thank you for the truth, & saying it. 🙂

You too enjoy the week ahead.