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Anders Breivik is not a “right wing extremist”

An email to 2GB’s Andrew Moore

Good morning Andrew,

I’m a bit concerned by the coverage which the media is giving to the trial of the confessed Norway shooter, Anders Breivik. My concern is with the way he is being portrayed.

It seems that a lot of the media has forgotten everything that we found out about this man immediately after the Norway massacre. As you would recall, we found out that he was a confused paranoid schizophrenic with various views which could partially fit as “right wing” and partially as “left wing” and partially as neither left or right wing.

Unfortunately, now that the trial is underway, much of the media has gone back to labelling Breivik as a “right wing extremist”, which he is not. They have also said repeatedly that he performed a right wing salute in court.

The salute he performed was a raised arm with a clenched fist. It closely resembled a communist salute, but I certainly wouldn’t call Breivik a communist. I don’t know how anyone could have concluded that it was a “right wing salute”.

I just wish large sections of the media would stop labelling this madman, as it does a serious disservice to all of the good, law-abiding right wing people in Australia and around the world to have this madman’s actions incorrectly tied to their world view.

Samuel Gordon-Stewart