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Doggy peek-a-boo

Today, due to some tradesmen coming to do some work on a door, Nattie and Pebbles had to be placed upstairs as they get a bit too excited by visitors.

When I went up stairs to check on them, Pebbles was peering over the board which had been placed in front of the stairs to block their access.

20120322-132410.jpg [1]

Then she looked over towards Nattie.

20120322-132446.jpg [2]

And then Nattie looked over the board too.

20120322-132520.jpg [3]

They weren’t very calm at first, but after I turned on the radio to block out the downstairs noise a bit, they calmed down. It probably helped that Rush Limbaugh was on, and they usually are relaxed by Rush’s voice, and also Mark Levin’s voice, even when he yells.