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Carbon Dioxide Tax and kids walking to school alone

An email to 2GB’s Andrew Moore

Good morning Andrew,

Clive Palmer decided to not go ahead with his challenge to the constitutionality of the carbon dioxide mining tax (sorry, got my taxes mixed up). Hopefully someone else does it instead. A 2GB listener class action perhaps?

As for walking to school, I think it really depends on the child, the distance and the area. My walk was less than a kilometre and I started at age nine. There was one busy road, but otherwise it was fairly sedate and I always walked directly to and from school…well, almost. I did befriend a nice elderly man who lived about half way between school and home, so it’s a good thing he had no ulterior motive, and I did occasionally stop at the phone box across the road from home when reverse charge calls fascinated me…being able to run home in time to answer the call in time to accept the charges was fun until the bill came in and my parents saw the charges…$10 per call. I was in a lot of trouble.

It’s a judgement call, and I don’t envy any parent making decisions about giving their child more freedom. It must be terribly nerve-racking when every instinct is telling them not to let the kid out of their sight.

Have a great day Andrew.

Samuel Gordon-Stewart