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NRL finals system scrapped, and the farce of the Labor leadership battle

An email to 2GB’s Andrew Moore

Good morning Andrew,

It’s good to see the NRL commission making decisions, as the NRL seems to have lacked proper decision making for a long time, but I don’t like their decision to scrap the McIntyre system. I like the uncertaintly of the first week. I like the fact that only the top two teams are guaranteed a second chance. I like the battle among the rest. But, the decision has been made, and there are more important things in the world…

Sadly Kevin Rudd is one of them. Hopefully his resignation as Foreign Minister will help to bring down this farce of a government. The situation is so dire that you could see Simon Crean’s eyes light up when he realised that even has half a chance of being Prime Minister.

It’s ridiculous Andrew. We need an election. The people should decide this one, because it’s clear that the politicians can not.

Have a good weekend.

Samuel Gordon-Stewart