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$200,000 to brand the carbon dioxide tax?

An email to 2GB’s Andrew Moore

Good morning Andrew,

Did I hear you correctly? $200,000 for a branding campaign for the carbon dioxide tax? Well I’ll gladly submit this effort for free in the hope that they won’t spend any more money on the project.

“If you’d just believed us in the first place, we wouldn’t need to spend more of your money to invent false evidence to convince you that the planet is warming…but you didn’t believe us, so we’ll tax you until you do.”

I wonder how our beloved Treasurer Of The Year plans to produce a surplus with wasteful spending like this?

A belated “welcome back” Andrew.

Samuel Gordon-Stewart

Indeed I did hear it correctly. The Daily Telegraph has a report today [1] about the federal department of Climate Change spending $200,000 on a branding campaign for the carbon dioxide tax.