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April Fools Redux?

An email to 2GB’s Andrew Moore, who announced just before 5am that he’d been on for another four hours.

G’day Andrew,

Gee, what is this today? April Fools Day all over again? We’ve got Barry O’Farrell abolishing the Environment Department, a school in Bondi dropping the word Easter, and poor old Alan needing to take the morning off, leaving you on an extra-long-super-dooper shift, just to confuse those of us who aren’t used to daylight saving yet.

I feel for you…I had to do something similar at work yesterday because the big boss forgot to ask me if I’d like to do some overtime and thought he had asked, so I got stuck with it anyway…not that it bothered me too much…I did get to watch a Bulldogs AFL match in the process. I’d imagine that filling in for Alan is a bit the same for you…a slight inconvenience, but enjoyable and worthwhile.

Have a great morning.

Samuel Gordon-Stewart

Of course I forgot to add to the list, the caller who was talking about how his kid’s school has renamed the “time out chair” as the “thinking chair”, and then there’s Seven’s Sunday Night offering half a million dollars to help them solve something. This all has to be a joke, surely.