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Airport security, company profits, and shift work

An email to 2UE’s Tim Shaw

G’day Tim,

About that security scanner, you’d think that it would have a light on it to indicate that it has power and is working. The fact that the problem went undetected until some armed police walked through it astounds me, and makes me concerned about how many other times this may have happened and gone undetected.

As for company profits, they belong to the owners of the company. I’m sure the unions want more pay for their employees and think the profits should be “shared” more; I’d expect nothing less from the socialist unions, but what they forget is that businesses are in business to make money for their owners, and employ people in an effort to achieve this aim. Businesses do not exist for the sole purpose of employing people.

In the case of companies, many of us benefit from the profits through our super funds and other investments.

And finally, in many shift work jobs (mine included) there are penalty rates or other extras for working certain hours or public holidays. I’m looking forward to working on the upcoming public holidays because of the extra cash I receive.

If people don’t like shift work, they shouldn’t take jobs which require it.

Samuel Gordon-Stewart