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Just when you thought Mark Latham had gone away…

An email to 2GB and MTR’s Andrew Moore

G’day Andrew

On political points I find myself disagreeing with most things that Mark Latham has to say, but I think he’s nailed Julia Gillard’s lack of conviction and Labor’s gradual decline in to standing for nothing…a decline which his own leadership was partially responsible for I might add.

That said though, Latham is an irrelevance, he just rambles a bit whenever he thinks we’ve forgotten about him, makes a few semi-valid points and spends the rest of his time mouthing off about anyone who might be headline-worth and an easy target, and frankly, seeing as I’m paying his pension as a taxpayer, I expect more of him than an occasional incoherent uttering. Perhaps what we need is a work-for-the-pension scheme for retired pollies…one where they go and drive the buses trains to keep them on-time and fill the pot-holes in the roads…you know, all the things that they failed to do while in office.

Samuel Gordon-Stewart