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Coffee addiction

An email to 2UE’s Jason Morrison who mentioned a story about coffee addiction just after the 6:30 news. Apparently drinking more than six cups of coffee a day makes you a coffee addict.

Morning Jason,

Hey guess what I was doing when you were talking about coffee addicts…I was making a cup of coffee!

Anyway, what is the definition of a “cup” in that story, as I use different sizes of cups during the day. For example, the cup I use at work is a travel mug and it holds roughly double what my cup at home does, so I count it as two cups. I usually have two or three them while I’m at work, which counts as four or six.

And then there’s the cup of coffee I picked up on the way to work and the coffees that I had at home.

Yep, I think I count as a coffee addict.

Samuel Gordon-Stewart