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Good news for Inspector Morse fans

7Two’s Saturday night screenings of the Inspector Morse series are rating very well, a good sign for the longevity of a series.

Last night Inspector Morse helped Seven to win the night for both secondary channels and the network overall. The Seven Network of stations won the night with 31.5% of the audience, well ahead of nearest rival Nine on 21.7% overall. In the secondary channels, 7Two won the night with 6.3% of the audience, followed by 7Mate on 3.5%, with the nearest rivals being Nine’s Go! (3.2%) and Ten’s Eleven (3.1%).

7Two had the top two shows of the secondary channels in Heartbeat (280,000 viewers nationally, 22nd in overall ratings) and Inspector Morse (246,000 viewers nationally, 28th in overall ratings) ahead of nearest secondary channel shows Peppa Pig (whatever that may be, 210,000 viewers nationally, 32nd in overall ratings) and Air Crash Investigations (which was a great episode last night, 174,000 viewers nationally) 37th in overall ratings.

Ratings, as far as I can tell, are for the capital city markets and don’t include those of us in the “regional” areas like Canberra, but then again regional areas don’t tend to have control over programming.

Source: TV Tonight [1]

So with any luck and a bit of consistent viewing from the devoted fans, we might just get to see the entire series from beginning to end, which would be wonderful.