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Canberra’s overnight excitement

Canberra seems to have been a busy little place overnight.

I’m hearing unconfirmed reports of an explosion in a toilet in one of the nightclubs (Update: I’m now hearing that it was inside Meche Nightclub) on Northbourne Avenue injuring one person. My sources say it was a small bomb. There are multiple fire brigade units including Hazmat on the scene.

Up on Antill Street in Dickson there were two single vehicle accidents within the last couple of hours, both of which happened around the same time. Firstly, a car took out one of the traffic lights at the corner of Cowper Street, and then up the road near the Phillip Avenue roundabout another car took out a tree (or part thereof, it’s hard to tell). Both cars had to be towed. I have no information on the state of the occupants.

There was also an explosion in a house in Isabella Plains around 7pm. An aerosol can exploded when it was left near a stove. Two men were taken to hospital, one with burns and the other for smoke inhalation.

Update: The police have issued a press release [1] saying that they shot a man who tried to attack them with a knife and a meat cleaver in Wanniassa around 5am. It certainly was a busy night last night. End Update