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Refugee hunger strike

An email to 2UE’s Mike Jeffreys

Good evening Mike,

The statement from the refugee advocate that you had on a short time ago, that he supports hunger strikes as long as the people engaging in them don't continue with it to the point of causing harm to themselves, seems like a bit of a contradiction to me. Surely the point of a hunger strike is to threaten to continue to the point of life-threatening hunger or thirst, so as to play on the compassion of the people against whom you are protesting. Going on a hunger strike until you're a bit hungry just seems like a waste of time, and good way to save the tax payer a few dollars on the food bill.

And those first two callers after 10 o'clock…you sure can tell that the moon is ripe tonight. Very nicely handled by you though Mike, I'm always amused when callers try to bait you and don't understand that you're subtly getting them back.

Have a great night.

Samuel Gordon-Stewart