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Live online coverage of the floods

Mainly for the benefit of people overseas, here’s some information about live online coverage of the devastating floods.

The Seven Network’s coverage, having finished for the night at midnight Eastern Daylight Time, resumes at 5am Eastern (4am Brisbane/6PM UTC/1pm US Eastern/10am US Western) in time for the expected peak of the flood in Brisbane. I’m of the view that Seven’s coverage has been the best of the bunch, and they’ve been streaming from their website http://yahoo7.com.au/news [1].

ABC News 24 are also streaming and have apparently unlocked their stream for international viewers. http://www.abc.net.au/news/abcnews24/ [2]. Their content has been good, but as I noted yesterday, I find the graphics package quite distracting and hard on the eyes, and fairly difficult to watch for any length of time.

Others may be streaming, these are just the ones I’ve noticed. Hopefully this is of some help to people.