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Holiday pay rates

An email to 2GB’s Mike Williams

G’day Mike,

I’m with you to an extent on the public holidays. For people who work Monday to Friday I can see a point in having the public holidays held over to the next weekday, but for people like me who work on a seven-day rotating roster, I think it’s nuts.

Case in point, the Christmas weekend. I was rostered on from the Tuesday before Christmas until the Thursday after Christmas, meaning that I worked on Christmas Day, Boxing Day, and the two weekday versions of the public holidays on the Monday and Tuesday. I get public holiday rates for all four days…this makes no sense to me whatsoever. I don’t mind the extra pay, but I really can’t see any logic in paying me for four public holidays when there were only two public holidays.

Surely the extra public holidays should only be there for the people who didn’t have to work on the real public holidays.

Have a great day!

Samuel Gordon-Stewart