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Midterm 2010: CBR 1:40pm EDT 10:40pm WDT 7:40pm

That Senate race is really starting look very very close. The House of course is a tsunami.

FOX R 123 – 70 D
CBS R 174 – 115 D
ABC R 183 – 126 D
NBC R 147 – 93 D

FOX R 41 – 45 D
CBS R 42 – 47 D
ABC R 42 – 47 D
NBC R 43 – 47 D

Incidentally (bearing in mind the earlier disclaimer about the usual uselessness of exit polls) Sharron Angle is winning the independent vote, but not as much of the Republican vote as Harry Reid is of the Democrat vote. Politico goes in to some detail [1], but doesn’t give an overall figure. That probably means that the exit poll was roughly 50/50 overall, with a half point favouring one of the candidates, and the exit poll people just don’t want their name on an incorrect result.