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To answer the question about the election poll and other election stuff

I’ve received a number off odd emails over the last week, the oddest of all was, oddly enough, sent to the old Editorial Echoes email address. Among this bunch of odd emails, there was one with a sensible question which probably deserves a wider audience for its answer.

The question was about why the current poll, which I said would be reset on a weekly basis until the election, has not been reset yet. It’s a good question…the simple answer is that between ten straight days of 5am-ish starts, recovering from the flu and a myriad of other projects, it simply fell by the way side. I remember it on Wednesday, by which time it would have been pointless to reset it…so the poll can run until Friday night now.

As for the interviews with local candidates…I haven’t sent out any requests yet, and I won’t be sending any. The reasons above are the main reason for this, although I should note that one of the lovely symptoms of that wonderful flu was that I lost most of my hearing for a week or so. I wasn’t able to get around to conducting interviews over the last couple of weeks, and I won’t have time this week.

To the person who was upset by this in said email, I’m sorry…I’d love to vote again as well, but alas it’s not going to happen.

Speaking of elections, on election night my attention will be split between the election and the Sydney Swans V Western Bulldogs AFL game. I do intend on blogging about the election through the night, however it won’t be as thorough and as regularly updated [1] as it was for the last federal election…until full time in the AFL anyway!

I start work rather early in the morning on election day, and again the day after that, so with the election day blog posts which will need to be written on the Friday night, plus the election coverage, I dare say that I’m going to have an election weekend in which I get very very little sleep. I can only hope that the result will make it worthwhile.