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Polling place report

Well that was an usual experience. I was not hassled by ANY of the pamphlet people, although I did deliberately sneak past The Greens who spotted me after I got past and started to move in my direction before obviously deciding that I was already gone and was a lost cause for them anyway.

Oddly enough, the GetUp people looked bored. This is Canberra, normally it’s the Liberal Party people who look bored, not the purveyors of Socialism and Global Warming Doom. For those awful people to look bored, is an interesting sign. It would take a lot for a Liberal candidate to take one of the ACT House of Reps seats, but without an incumbent, and with the communists looking bored, perhaps there is a chance after all.

I’m encouraged.

I’ll be heading back to the polling place after lunch to retrieve a Liberal how-to-vote card so that I can compare it to my how-to-vote card.