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Not surprisingly, the psychic octopus is better at tipping than I am. Spain won the world cup, and deservingly so. Holland would have been better off focussing on their own game rather than playing an overly aggressive game of “lets see how many yellow cards we can get in a single match”. It was only after one of those yellow cards doubled up and turned in to a red card that Spain were able to score…Holland have only themselves to blame.

I thought Spain’s performance in extra time was much better than their performance in regular time as they abandoned their “pass the ball around as if we’re in the dying moments of an AFL match” tactic in favour of a more interesting “move the ball forward” tactic. It worked well for them, and combined with the strange Dutch attacking of players, it was enough to give them the win.

In the end, I’d rather see the tournament awarded to Germany who won a much more interesting third-place playoff yesterday, but Spain won today, and are therefore champions. I congratulate them, and hope to never see a soccer game as boring as that ever again.