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Gillard likely to call the election on Sunday

As per the information I relayed to 2UE’s Stuart Bocking [1] last week from my sources about Julia Gillard calling the election this coming weekend, one of Andrew Bolt’s readers has relayed some information to him about a sudden change to Julia’s weekend schedule [2] which puts her in good stead to visit an appropriate official on Sunday:

Julia Gillard’s office on Thursday night cancelled her opening of the new Holocaust Centre in Melbourne next Sunday, 18 July. This has been arranged for some time, so it’s quite a move.

If she is to call the election on a day, she has to be where the G-G is (but she’s leaving for overseas Friday) or the senior Governor, who would be the NSW Governor, and that would be in Sydney.

My information says August 28 for the election, however Andrew is suggesting August 21. I’m sticking with the information from my sources though as I doubt that Julia will want to call an election with the bare minimum amount of notice, as it will be seen as a bit too much of a rush, and will further highlight her current rushed approach to policies and announcements.


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#1 Comment By malady On July 17, 2010 @ 10:52 am

Well, it would seem that Julia is headed to see the GG now… your sources are spot on Samuel.

I guess she’ll be spending Sunday pulling media and getting the election show on the road, but its a bad deal for the Holocaust Centre – I hate when cancellations are done at the last minute.

#2 Comment By Samuel On July 17, 2010 @ 1:40 pm

Close enough I suppose. It’s August 21 for the election…but at least they gave me the correct weekend for the election announcement.

A fun morning at work getting all of this to air.