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2GB’s daylight saving reminder

Six and a half hours of monitoring 2GB’s webstream has paid off. I’ve captured their daylight saving reminder!

I really like the way this makes use of Telstra’s talking clock. It’s a clever bit of work, and I’d like to congratulate whomever at 2GB’s is responsible for it. Nice job!

Download MP3 [1]

Incidentally the hiss at the start is the final syllable of the midnight weather. I couldn’t separate it from the bit I wanted.

It seems that the talking clock and ways that I spend my time are the subjects of the day, so for those of you who are wondering…I had been listening to Jason Morrison’s show since a bit before 4pm and it was a bit after 5pm when I first heard the daylight saving reminder (albeit the generic version and not the Saturday version which you hear above) and it was at that point that I decided to start the recorder to capture the reminder the next time it aired. I was listening to 2GB programming for most of that time anyway…and the bits that I missed I was able to check over with the recording, so it’s not as if I was sitting here anxiously waiting for it to air again. In fact I had just set up the overnight recording and was about to go to bed when I heard this go to air. I suppose it amounts to the same thing though.

Anyway, I must be off. I have to be up early for AIR News’ morning sport reports, and would like to get some sleep before then. Good night.