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The decade terminates in T minus…

I expect to be back on deck on the blog tomorrow. My plans for tonight involve watching 112 Emergency on SBS Two (it may be an abysmal show, but it is thoroughly addictive, and my need to see Dr. Driessen and Mr. Bender oust the corrupt Mr. Sellman forces me to continue watching it…and it would be nice to see Martin actually warrant his top spot on the credits by appearing in more than the opening titles) and then I shall go to bed. My phone will remain off until at least 3am (yes, I have a mobile phone again) so that I can sleep through the change of year, unlike last year where my sleep was interrupted far too many times, prompting a bit of a tirade [1] on 1WAY FM.

I will admit that, earlier this week, I did toy with the notion of heading out for the new year changeover…but quickly dismissed the plan once I realised that I:
a) still have trouble stomaching the idea of being out of the house, on foot, after dark
b) struggle to enjoy the Civic night-life under any circumstances, and
c) don’t give a single hoot (let alone two) about the local timezone declaring a change in year at a different moment to the vast majority of timezones

If you intend on celebrating the new year, then I hope you enjoy yourself even if I doubt that I will ever understand your urge.