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The best radio news story presentation of the year

From FOX News Radio [1]‘s 5am Pacific Time newscast from Sunday the 6th, comes this gem of a news story which is probably the most amusing presentation of a story so far this year. It had me highly amused for some time.

Download MP3 [2]

Alastair deserves an award for that one!

For those of you who can’t be bothered listening, here’s the transcript…although it really doesn’t convey the story as amusingly as the audio does.

Anchor: The reclusive communist nation of North Korea hoping to grab the world’s attention with a foray of high end fashion.
[musical fanfare]
[hysterical and incomprehensible ranting in a foreign language]
Reporter: This may be North Korea’s greatest export…propaganda messages often aimed at insulting America, but now the reclusive nation hopes to earn some foreign dough from fancy denim. NoKo jeans, a label launched in Sweden but made in North Korea.

The pants won’t be for every comrade, they’ll sell for a very capitalist $220, but North Korea seems to be opening up to American ways, recently licensing its first fast food joints…it still can’t stomach too much American, the burgers aren’t called “burgers”, and the blue jeans will only come in black.

In London, Alastair Wanklyn, FOX News Radio.