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Rudd staying in the US. Obama coming to Australia

Not simultaneously though, I might add.

Kevin Rudd’s aeroplane has been grounded [1] due to a mechanical fault.

His spokesman says the Prime Minister will stay overnight in the US capital where he met with US President Barack Obama early this morning our time.

Mr Rudd was due back home tomorrow.

Meanwhile Barack Obama is being invited to visit Australia next year.

Mr Rudd said Mr Obama may visit Australia in 2010, possibly combining his trip with visit to Indonesia, where he spent part of his childhood.

”We had a chat at the end of our conversation about his desire to visit Down Under,” Mr Rudd said.

“I told him he was always welcome and we are looking at the possibility of him visiting Australia in the course of 2010. That would be terrific,” he said.

Despite my opposition to the Bamster, I would warmly welcome him to this country as the democratically elected leader of the free world. It would be an honour to have him here, just like it was an honour to have George W. Bush here earlier this decade. Perhaps he can bow to Kevin Rudd and Tony Abbott?