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Heatings temperetueures

Dear and goodly mornings today on day of today

Mr. Samuel has done do of writeings to me of to be say that he is not having time to be doing write to you before doing going away time and will be doing write to you of for when he does return which will be in tomorrow.

I am today writing os of the heats which are happening in hotly today as I am to be doing the work of Graderens for nice Mr. Boss in outside and also in of greenhouse which is much hot as temperature doings are for high of the 40 today in some of places which is much hot but also especially for me as I am from the Russia where it is usually often almost usually much of the colder in temperature doings as it does do have snow. I am of quite fascinating how the plantings do the grow in temperatures of the heat and am doing many of the learnings of Gradren from the doing work of gardens for Mr. Boss.

Also of good for the learnings os Mr. Don of the morning radio on weekends who does many good talkings of garden which is of good but is not for doing the good talkings of the singings to gradren which I am do think is much important for all of time growing in gardern as the plantings are much happier if having done the sing of to them do to them.

Please to be keeping the heats of away for good temperatures for you today.

From Maritz
Ms. Maritzkrozlavsky Throrglasnishozly