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Farewell and good luck to Michael Watson

2CC/2CA’s production guru Michael Watson is leaving the stations after having worked there for 14 years, according to Jock’s Journal [1].

Michael has done a lot of great work for 2CC and 2CA over the years, although if I have to pick one particular thing which I have the fondest memory of…it would probably be the old Sgt. Pepper competitions on 2CA. I was also particularly fond of the piece he put together (OK, I’m 99% sure it was him…somebody please correct me if I’m wrong) after I announced my (later aborted) run for federal parliament on 2007. Just looking around for that now, I realise that I didn’t ever post it online…so here it is:
Download MP3 [2]

And of course, there was that brilliant remix [3] of my original Samuel’s Persiflage intro
Download MP3 [4]

That anybody could make something good out of that ghastly (albeit fun) original intro is quite an achievement.

Best of luck for the future Michael!