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A good indicator that one has recently been watching Yes Minister

The desire to turn simple two word phrases in to convolutions such as this:

I hereby submit to you, with all due consideration being given to the applicable current portion of the generally recognised and accepted uneven segmentation of the present day as it stands in the local area and prevailing local language and culture, having taken in to account the possibility and applicability of laws surrounding any necessary adjustments, be they positive or negative, to the generally measured equal segmentation of the day which is most commonly portrayed outside of military circles in a manner which only allows for half of the available segments, a generally positive and potentially presumptuous communication relating to the perceived state of mutual and personal affairs (bearing in mind that not all factors have necessarily been included in the formulation of the view of the perceived state of the aforementioned affairs) containing an inherent desire to open a mutually convenient and multi-directional dialogue, without inferring any guarantee that, with the benefit of hindsight, such dialogue will necessarily be viewed as having resulted in the overall increase in the knowledge of subjects discussed either personally or as a collective.

Anyhoo, I thought I’d just pop in and say hello. I do plan on writing much more (in a more comprehensible form than what I wrote a few moments ago) before Christmas…but my plans have a habit of remaining as plans and not turning in to actions. We’ll see what happens.