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Still here

I’m still here, I just need a break every now and then, recently more so than usual.

I don’t like concerning y’all with my absences (if I want to use the word, I’ll use it), so I apologise if I did concern any of you, and I also thank you for your concern.

I’m back, although I do expect things to be a bit quiet around here for a while.


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#1 Comment By nbrettoner On November 18, 2009 @ 8:53 am

ok. I’ll try to be quiet so as not to disturb your restings. (smile).
When you wake up, have had time to consume your most-favourite wake-up beverage (coffee/tea?), & feel like having a go at a relatively easy ‘think’, could you tell me please the last time you were in Deni?.

Yes I know that was a too-long sentence.
With too many parts to it.
But if I didn’t string it all together you would have lulled off to lullaby land again…..
Oh. You did?.
ok. (embarrassed smile)

[Note to self….I should visit here more often than every few months….]