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KXNT Jerk Of The Week nomination for October 2, 2009

Your “Jerk of the Week” submission
Malkin Holdings (the people in charge of the Empire State Building)

Why should this person be the “Jerk of the Week”?
For celebrating the 60th anniversary of China’s communist revolution, and the subsequent deaths of millions and millions of people, by bathing the Empire State Building in red and yellow light.

Your Name (Optional)
Samuel Gordon-Stewart

Casey Hendrickson and Heather Kydd’s Jerk Of The Week airs at 6:09pm Thursdays on Newsradio 840 KXNT [1] in Las Vegas. As Canberra will enter daylight saving on Sunday, today is the last time that Jerk Of The Week will air at 11:09am Friday for a few months. Next week it will air at 12:09pm on Friday.

As usual, you can nominate your Jerk Of The Week via the KXNT website [2].