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Apple Vs Woolworths

Apple’s shareholders might want to go and buy shares in law firms, because the lawyers are the only likely winners in a bizarre case like this [1].

WOOLWORTHS insists its new logo is a stylised W, or a piece of fresh produce; Apple thinks it is an apple, and the California-based technology company wants to stop Australia’s largest retailer from using it.

Apple has mounted a legal challenge to prevent Woolworths from using the logo that now adorns its trucks, stores and products, arguing it is too close to its own.

Apple will have to convince IP Australia, the federal government agency that governs trademarks, to knock back Woolworths’s application – first filed in August last year – to trademark its logo.

Now, even if Woolworths do decide to go in to selling their own computers, do you really think anybody will confuse the Woolworths logo (left) for the Apple logo (right)?
Woolworths logo and Apple logo

Didn’t think so.

Personally I can’t stand the new Woolworths logo as I was a fan of the old logo:
The old Woolworths logo
However the new logo is similar to their really old logo which I’m having trouble tracking down at the moment, and that alone should give Woolworths enough of an historical precedent to knock Apple’s challenge on the head.