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Now dust storms cause global warming

It just never ends does it. The dust storm [1] which affected Sydney and other places in recent days is the latest thing to be blamed for global warming [2].

Farms are losing valuable topsoil in a rare dust storm across NSW and southern Queensland that has also raised concerns about an increase in carbon emissions.
“That’s a problem because that (the topsoil) is where most of our organic carbon is stored and carbon is a big issue in terms of emissions and sequestering carbon,” Dr Cattle said.

Dr. Cattle, whose sentences are as elegant as those written by cattle, is apparently a “soil scientist and dust expert at the University of Sydney”…yes, a dust expert. Did you ever know that such a thing existed?

Thankfully though, Dr. Cattle did admit to the ABC [3] that the storms will occur whether we like it or not, and so didn’t blame global warming for dust storms which are now to blame for global warming…wouldn’t that be an interestingly vicious cycle?

“So to an extent we can control the severity of these storms, but at the end of the day nature will always win.”

Oops, sorry, I spoke to soon. The American Socialist Action group have already blamed Global Warming for dust storms [4]. It looks like we have a vicious cycle after all.