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How not to advertise takeaway food

I’m glad I wasn’t eating at the time when I saw this ad, as my gastrological needs would probably have reversed…I was about to have dinner though, so I did delay eating.

The ad was on WIN TV’s Shepparton service during the news this evening and was for one of the kebab shops and featured a voiceover touting the excellence of their food and service…sadly the video didn’t back up the claims. The video showed some rather pale looking greasy meat being “cooked” (sorry, I’m just not convinced that the meat was actually being cooked…it looked like it was merely rotating), which was followed by a shot of the meat dripping.

Yes, dripping! Perhaps they were thawing it. Whatever was going on, the sight of pale greasy meat dripping some sort of gunk is rather off-putting.

Unfortunately I have no idea which shop was being advertised as I had to turn away. I suppose I’ll just have to avoid all kebab shops for a while, lest I get that awful mental image again.