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Drivers to be breathalysed leaving AFL Grand Final

The Victorian Police have issued a blunt warning [1] to drivers attending the AFL Grand Final on Saturday…you will be breathalysed.

Every driver will be tested as they leave the MCG carpark with the aim of removing drunk drivers from the road.

“We’re putting the message out early – if you’re planning to drink and drive, think again because there is a very high chance that you will be caught,” Superintendent Leane said.

“It’s a simple thing to avoid. If you want to have a few drinks on the day, organise a designated driver, take public transport or hop in a taxi.”

There will also be a higher-than-usual number of random breath tests conducted throughout Melbourne on Saturday night, and a large police presence at the Grand Final.

So, how many people will be arrested? Do Centrebet have a market on this?