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50 years of unlicensed driving

The New South Wales Police really do produce some amusing press releases [1] in between the continual stream of carnage.

Shortly before 8am on Monday, 14 September police were conducting enforcement operations at the intersection of Park Road and The Northern Road at Luddenham.

Police stopped a car which had failed to stop at the stop sign and spoke to the driver.

The 67-year-old Wallacia man told police he had never held a licence during the 50 years he had been driving. He was charged with not stop at stop sign/line and unlicensed driver never held. He will appear at the Liverpool Local Court on 5 October.

If it has happened in the ACT, the press release would have been very different. It would have droned on and on about “compliance” and “lives at risk”…and the number would probably have been lower than 50 years. In New South Wales, they recognise it as such an annoying regular occurrence for Police that it’s hardly worth the extra effort of press release paperwork unless the number is a big one.

In the ACT, we would have also heard about how the wondrous technology of number plate recognition is getting these people off our roads on a daily basis…they may be right, and I have no doubt that it is harder to get away with unlicensed driving now than it used to be, but I am continually amused by the different approach used by New South Wales and ACT Police on the matter.