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Some consistency please?

Oh Supt. Colbran, any chance of some consistency?

Today at your RBT operation (call it what you want, I call it an operation) on Adelaide Avenue I got hassled over a missing rego sticker because you didn’t have the RAPID camera there to quickly identify registered and unregistered vehicles…and your officer walked off in a huff when he realised that he couldn’t book me for anything.

A few hours later in Woden, leaving the carpark area outside Hogs Breath Cafe, a car with no rego plates very slowly drives past one of your marked cars, and the officers don’t even blink at it.

I don’t mind your officers wanting to check that my car was registered (although we could have both saved time if RAPID had been there, as it usually is for these operations), but I do mind being treated like a criminal when somebody else who is much more noticeably missing a crucial bit of identifying stuff on their car, doesn’t even get noticed.

I have to say though, that police presence on the roads today was quite something. I look forward to your next press release in which you will undoubtedly tell us how naughty we all are.