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Samuel’s Musicians Of The Week: The Pretenders

This weeks award is in honour of the 21st birthday (yesterday) of The Rush Limbaugh Show. Therefore the award goes to The Pretenders, and the feature song is the song from which Rush’s theme music comes…My City Was Gone.

The Pretenders- My City Was Gone (vinyl) [1] from JeffN1960 [2] on Vimeo [3].

The above video sounds fantastic, however it is taking an age to download for me, so if it takes too long for you, try the following one instead.

I went back to Ohio
But my city was gone
There was no train station
There was no downtown
South Howard had disappeared
All my favorite places
My city had been pulled down
Reduced to parking spaces
Eh, Oh, way to go Ohio

Well I went back to Ohio
But my family was gone
I stood on the back porch
There was nobody home
I was stunned and amazed
My childhood memories
Slowly swirled past
Like the wind through the trees
Eh, Oh, Oh way to go Ohio

I went back to Ohio
But my pretty countryside
Had been paved down the middle
By a government that had no pride
The farms of Ohio
Had been replaced by shopping malls
And muzak filled the air
From Seneca to Cuyahoga Falls
Said, Eh, Oh, Oh way to go Ohio