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Of goats, cows and marriage

If we were talking about Hillary, then I would suggest that trading twenty cows for another cow probably isn’t a wise business move (although the prospect of Bill gaining twenty cows and starting a dairy farm does amuse me), however we aren’t talking about Hillary [1].

A Kenyan man’s offer of 40 goats and 20 cows for Chelsea Clinton’s hand in marriage may still be on the table — and Hillary Rodham Clinton has promised to convey the “very kind offer” to her daughter.

To laughter at a town hall meeting Thursday in Kenya, CNN’s Fareed Zakaria asked the U.S. Secretary of State if the Clintons had made a decision on the dowry offer. In 2000, a Kenyan man wrote to then-president Bill Clinton offering the animals in accordance with African tradition.

After a pause, Clinton said, “My daughter is her own person, very independent, so I will convey this very kind offer.”

Clinton has denied rumors that her daughter, 29, is planning to get married this summer.

Well we can’t let the plans of a zoo wedding out just yet. Mr. Zakaria might work out the story if we do that.