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Here we go again…

I’m off to Deniliquin again for two weeks. I’m not completely over the cold which has kept me from writing much on here for the last week, but over it enough to still go without infecting people.

I’ll see you all from Deniliquin.


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#1 Comment By nbrettoner On August 31, 2009 @ 10:13 am

When in Deni, make sure to breath in deep & long.

Then share some ‘air time’ here.

I trust the cold is all gone away by now & your settling in for a fortnight of interesting & wonderful experiences once more.

Make sure to hug a Red Gum & say “G’day” to the palm-tree dwellers (the white ones with yellow bits), although you might have a fight to get a word in edge-wise.

Give Dicko my regards, even ‘though he won’t remember me.
I can still here faintly the dreamtime whispers of yesteryears long past. Not so much the memory of his voice, but rather the memory of the distant memory; of 2QN ‘sounds’.