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Alison Carabine off to the ABC

As reported in multiple places, Fairfax Radio’s chief political correspondent Alison Carabine is off to the ABC, specifically to ABC Radio National’s breakfast show with Fran Kelly, which should be quite interesting as Alison is often accused of having a right-wing bias, and Fran is often accused of having a left-wing bias.

Alison Carabine [1]
Alison Carabine at the National Press Club’s debate between John Howard and Kevin Rudd in 2007. Picture credit: Channel Nine

Personally I think Alison is one of the best political reporters of recent times and is the most impartial reporters for the electronic media in the Parliament House Press Gallery. 2UE, other Fairfax owned stations, and other stations which take news from the Fairfax Radio Network will be poorer for her loss. Radio National have picked up a great reporter…hopefully Alison can retain her reporting excellence in that peculiar environment.


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#1 Comment By padders On August 18, 2009 @ 7:46 pm

Agree with everything you said. But the phrase “often accuse” to me implies there is considerable room for doubt. When it comes to Fran Kelly having a left-wing bias, I think there is no doubt whatsoever!