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The Internet’s down at 2GB

G’day Andrew,

The internet’s down…well that would explain why the main Windows Media webstream is down. The RealPlayer one is working fine though. Just thought you’d like to know.

Boy oh boy did I have a shocker of a night on Saturday night. That knock-on try I emailed you about was the highlight as my beloved doggies got thrashed in both the AFL and NRL. It’s a good thing The Bill was on to give me some respite!

I hope Archie gets better soon.

Best wishes,
Samuel Gordon-Stewart

And as soon as I hit “send”, the Real Player stream dies. I’m gonna hold on to this one for the next time I’m told not to mention on-air that the Internet had gone down at radio stations I’m working at, because “it makes them sound really small”. If anything, I think it adds to the listeners’ experience and makes the whole thing just that bit more entertaining.