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Mondays with Maritz: On the time of holidayas

Dear to hello for the readings from town of sunny Cunnamulla in the Queensland which is town of much lovly for doing stop of visit on the holiday although there have been some of the clouds.

I have been do enjoy the drivings of to many places in of different of the Australia for doing good see of places as I have been doing want for since arriving here from the England after the Russia. I am think it is good to be do of see the places as I am proud citizen and must be do much of knowings as it is country of the wonderful and very good.

Here is photo yesterdayof taken in the near Bourke of animals with farmer. He did do think I was funny lady with stories of recipes to the all of pets. He did much nice the helpings of problem with car and was also of nice to be having make lunch with and we did swap of the recipes of cooking.

(Samuel writes: I can’t find the photo. I don’t think she uploaded it)

He has nice lady wife who does knittings and has cat. I did do draw diagram of the knitting instructions for wool coat of cat which I have done make for nice cat Slavcatchski although I am not think temperatures are of the colds therefor coat of cat and I am also gace revipe for the lemon and mango of tea.

I am do write of from computer in the Cunnamulla but must be do go as I have done write of the emails in time taking for the to Mother of Russia and lovely neighbour of next door Mrs. Lesley and she does do say that nice cat Slavcatchski is of good but doing naughty in the chasings.

Please be do of lovely. I am hope to be write in of time next wek from holiaday.

From Maritz.
Ms. Maritzkrozlavsky Throrglasnishozly