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It might be worth the drive to Gundagai just to watch the explanation for this one

From today’s New South Wales Police press releases [1]:

A man has been charged with a raft of traffic offences after being caught by patrolling police in the south west of the state this morning.nnAbout 10am police attached to Cootamundra HWP were conducting stationary speed checks on the Hume Highway at Moneytree, near Jugiong, when they allegedly sighted a southbound Kia Carnivale speeding.
nPolice will allege a speed check of the vehicle revealed it was travelling at 179km/h in a 110km/h zone.

Police immediately began to follow the car along the highway. Police will allege that a further speed check showed the car reached 198km/h. Police will further allege that as they followed the car the driver swerved between lanes while talking on a mobile phone.

Police stopped the car and spoke to the driver. They also allegedly observed four unrestrained passengers inside the car.

The driver a 28-year-old man from Urangan in Queensland was issued with a field court attendance notice for the offences of:
· Drive speed dangerous to the public
· Exceed speed by over 45km/h
· Drive using hand held mobile phone
· Drive with four or more unrestrained passengers
· Drive in right lane on road with speed limit over 80km/h
· Not drive in lane on multi-lane road.
The man will appear at Gundagai court on Monday 7 September 2009.

I’d be interested to hear the explanation from the alleged offender and it might be worth the trip to Gundagai to see it unfold in court. If I have nothing better to do on that day, I might just do that.