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An email to 2GB’s Jason Morrison

G’day Jason,

Just in relation to your use of the word “hacker” in relation to amateur photographers, your use of the word is 100% correct. “Hacking” in real programming terms is the art of playing with code until it does what you want it to do…it’s effectively amateur programming.

The use of “hacking” as a term for breaking in to computer systems is technically incorrect, but I suppose the language has evolved to the point that we just accept that the word means both things.

And in reply to “Peter”…I couldn’t agree more…I won’t be watching the bloke eating berries on 60 Minutes either! Who comes out of the bush as clean as that??

Have a great weekend,
Samuel Gordon-Stewart

And now I wait for the pedants to decide that they’re not happy with the above definition and to start sending dictionary definitions to me.