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The complaining communal apartment dwellers

I have had some very strange dreams this week, including about half a dozen last night which I kept waking up from, and don’t remember any of.

The dreams started earlier in the week when, in the first dream, I was going to walk from my hotel room to the 2QN studios and decide to take a shortcut. I walked in the opposite direction to the studios, and walked through the common garden area of an apartment block (which doesn’t actually exist, as far as I know) and ended up on the stairs of the apartment block where I was stopped by a woman who claimed to be one of the residents.

She informed me that she didn’t recognise me, and that I must be a guest. She then informed me that every key in the apartment block opens every door, and guests are sent to random apartments.

The dream ended at this point, however it had a sequel the following night.

In the second dream I once again walked over to the apartment block and encountered the same woman, still rambling about all the keys to the apartment block being the same, but this time she was with her husband, and they both started complaining about the local FM station which, according to them, was called “The Voice”.

The woman then went on quite a rant about how she doesn’t like people saying “raffle tickets” on the radio, and is quite appalled that people would even consider “saying such messy words”.

She also complained about short people hunching over microphones, despite the fact that, as a listener, she wouldn’t be able to see it happening. Amusingly, her husband posed as a short hunching person while she complained about short people hunching over microphones.

The dream then (thankfully) ended as I was woken by my alarm clock.