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The Belconnen Bus Interchange, or a derivative thereof

I had a most unusual dream the other night featuring an odd version of the (now defunct) Belconnen Bus Interchange.

In this dream the bus interchange was larger than it is in real life and had multiple ramps and bridges crossing the roadway. I, for one reason or another, was boarding buses, validating my ticket, sitting down for a second and then walking off the bus so that I could repeat the procedure.

Eventually I decided to use one of the bridges and sit down on a bench near a fence next to a building at the back of the bus interchange, which seemed to back on to a street in Holt. While I was sitting there, two girls ran out of the interchange carrying something and jumped the fence. A lady from ACTION followed them but didn’t see which direction they went in…I informed her that they had turned right, she then followed them and returned a few moments later with them tied up by a rope.

The girls asked me why I had given up their location, to which I replied that they hadn’t paid for my silence.

The dream then ended.