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Rush Limbaugh on ‘Hannity’: If Al Qaeda wants to demolish the America we know and love, they’d better hurry, because Obama’s beating them to it

Earlier this week Sean Hannity went to Florida and interviewed fellow talk-radio host Rush Limbaugh for his show on the Fox News Channel. The interviewed covered a wide range of topics including Barack Obama’s policies and the problems with the Republican party in its current form.

The interview was long enough to be spread out over two nights, and is well worth watching.

Part One
Topics include:

Part Two
Topics include:

Part Three
Topics include:

Part Four
Topics include:

Part Five
This section doesn’t appear in the transcripts and appears to be a portion of the interview which wasn’t aired in the “four parts spread over two nights” version, and instead aired later on.

Topics include:

The transcript of parts one and two can be found here [1], and parts three and four, here [2]. If I find a transcript of part five, I’ll let you know.