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Police and mental health forms

Another one of my bizarre dreams from this week.

In this dream I was walking down a street (which appeared to be a cross between an alleyway in Reid, and a street in the fictional Borough of Sun Hill, from The Bill) and was being followed by police driving very slowly on the footpath. It was not apparent to me why I was being followed.

I then walked inside (in to a building which looked like a Dentist’s waiting room), sat down, and started filling out a form which had many questions about my mood and activities over the course of the last week. A woman from ACT Mental Health then turned up and wanted to verbally ask me all of the questions on the form.

I was happy about this and obliged, and the dream ended.

As I write this, a vague recollection of a dream from last night is coming to me…it seems that I was arrested in this dream and sedated with a kettle (not that I have the faintest clue how that works).